We are moving!

Life doesn’t slow down for anyone.

We are still waiting to learn more about our sons condition, but in the midst of that struggle we also have some other big life changes coming up. I am quitting my amazing job at the end of May to stay home, although I do plan do work elsewhere part time. I’m very sad to be leaving but my husband and I decided that my long hours wouldn’t be compatible with a new baby. Now it is on to a new stage in life where I must learn how to manage a house and actually meal plan (tried and failed many times).

My husband and I have also decided that with the ending of my income, we should move to a more affordable place. We also need an extra bedroom! Talk about a life makeover (not that it needed one). We have spent the last few months looking at houses and apartments and may have found “the one”. And while I am excited to move into a new place and redecorate and organize (I’m one of the crazies who enjoys that stuff), I’ve been feeling nostalgic about our first place together. So I thought I would share some pictures of the place we have called home for our first year of marriage, enjoy!



















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