Monday: 1 week until we meet

Handsome baby boy,

We have one more short week together with you inside my belly. Its hard to believe that after 9 long months of growing, you will be in my arms. I have so many emotions welling up inside me. I’m excited to finally see your chubby cheeks and hear your little cry. I am anxious to find out about your health and know what the future will hold. I’m praying with all my might that we will get to spend the rest of our lives watching you learn and grow.

I am taking this week to just cherish every moment we have left together like this. I have been so uncomfortable having a huge belly; but knowing that it will be over soon  me has made me realize how special it truly is. I love waking up to your kicks and rolls! Just knowing that you are active makes me worry a little less. I have discovered that you are a night owl like your parents, you always seem to do most of your acrobatics after 9! I hope that once you are born you will adjust to better sleeping habits. You also seem to have a fondness for good music in movies, I love feeling you move around excitedly when songs play loudly (hopefully that is you enjoying it and not scared!).

All of my maternity clothes are starting to feel snug, which I never thought I would say. You have made your presence known in a big way and I am never able to forget that I have the privilege of carrying you. Despite none of my clothes fitting and only being able to wear flip flops, I wouldn’t trade a single moment of this pregnancy.

Baby boy, you have already brought so much joy to your daddy and I. And this time next week you will finally be in our arms, good or bad. I am praying for you every day all the time.



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