Baby Little #2 is a….

My anatomy scan for Baby Little #2 was yesterday morning. I am so thankful to start by saying that baby is healthy, and everything is developing like it should! I didn’t realize how anxious I truly was about this appointment, until the tears broke out after being told everything was perfect. 
In other news, we are having a little baby GIRL! It looks like my mothers instinct was off this time. I was so sure that this baby was going to be a boy. I had already started picking out names and decorating the kids room for two little men. Imagine my shock when I was told it was a baby girl! I’ll admit, I was really wanting another boy (how could I not? My first is such a joy!) and I was slightly disappointed when I was told otherwise.
But since yesterday, the news is beginning to settle in and I’m getting excited! Mostly thanks to how adorable baby girl clothes are… I mean, come on! The hardest part about having a girl will be picking a name. I’ve had a name list going since I was about ten, and only one name on that list is a little girl name. We have our work cut out for us over here!
The boys waiting patiently at the doctors office- melts my heart!
My 20 week bathroom bump picture. Wearing pink, obviously. 
XOXO- Mommy Little

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