Pregnancy Update

I’ve been putting this off.
No, nothing life changing and horrible has happened. Baby girl is healthy and doing well in my big ol’ belly. But this pregnancy hasn’t gone as smoothly as I was hoping, and I confess I’ve been putting of dealing with my feelings towards it. Which means I haven’t written any new pregnancy updates.
Now I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy, and I do want to look back and have some record of what was happening. So today is the day.
  • I am 34 weeks pregnant 
  • We had a second ultrasound which confirmed baby is still a girl. 
  • I have gained 28 lbs… so far. 
  • I have horrible acid reflux, especially after I eat anything with pasta sauce. (oh pizza, I thought we were friends!)
  • We still have no name picked out. She will probably be called baby girl forever.
  • I feel like an old man, my body audibly clicks and cracks every 10 minutes. 
  • At my last appointment, baby was measuring 3 weeks ahead and over 5lbs… and that was two weeks ago. Apparently I’m destined to have huge babies. 
  • And the kicker… I’m having blood pressure issues again.
So here is the thing… I developed postpartum pre-eclampsia with my last pregnancy (though its suspected I had it the whole time). I knew there was a possibility of it happening again, but I was told the chances were small and that I had a good shot at a normal pregnancy. I had high hopes for a vbac this go around, and everything was looking good until my 24 week appointment. I went in knowing something was off. I’d had a constant headache for several days and blurry vision. They took my blood pressure at the office, twice, and the doctor came in and told me I was to go right to the hospital to be monitored. Good times. 
I could go in to more detail about how hard that day was (being in a new place, alone with my toddler and no one to watch him because Grant was in class, and expected to go to the hospital…) but I don’t want to cry right now. I had to stay for 24 hours. My blood pressures leveled out and I was allowed to go home. But because I have protien in my urine and a history of pre- eclampsiam, I am being monitored closely. This also means I’m having a repeat c-section because no doctors in my area will let me attempt a vbac with high blood pressure (I live in a small town, hospital rules are pretty strict here I guess). 
So there you have it.
I am SO grateful that baby is healthy and doing well this pregnancy. I don’t want to take that for granted. And I know that having another c-section is not the worst thing in the world, but it still hurts my heart to know that I will never get to experience a vaginal birth. Not to mention I’m just not feeling well and I look like a balloon. I know God is in control, this is what He wants for me and I will work on having a better attitude about it.
Until then, enjoy a few bump pictures!
Mommy Little  

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  1. I had baby #2 in July. My first pregnancy was great minus bp issues. My 2nd pregnancy was so much harder, scarier and not nearly as blissful. My bp was an issue as well. These tiny humans are worth and I thank God for their health but it was truly more difficult 2nd time around. Good luck and know I totally sympathize.

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