Emersyn Claire: 1 Month

Yes. It has been 1 month with our beautiful Emersyn, and I have yet to post her birth story. I promise I will get around to it eventually. For now lets talk about her first month of life.

Weight: 9lbs 5oz

Height: 22 inches

Sleep: She sleeps for a good 4 hour stretch starting around 10, and then wakes every 2 hours to eat after that during the night. She is napping well during the day, usually in her bouncer.

Nursing: This has been a struggle. I produce way to much milk and have a really fast let down, so she has had trouble with reflux and staying latched. We are working on it.

Randsom loves her to death, and will run to her side as soon as she starts crying. Usually he tries to comfort her by singing twinkle little star, and it melts my heart every time. Its been a tough month adjusting to two kids, but so fun.


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