Emersyn Claire: Birth Story

Well guys, I’m finally doing it! Here is Emersyns birth story. Hopefully I remember the details so I can look back on this next time baby fever hits and calm myself. Ha.

I found out pretty early on in my pregnancy with Emma that I would have to have a repeat c-section due to hospital procedures in the small town where we live. I was not very thrilled, but I accepted it and moved on. My amazing mom and sister came in to town on April 1st. I was so glad that they were able to come and help with Randsom while I was in the hospital- especially because Grant was preparing for finals at school. They were honestly lifesavers!

On April 5th, My husband and I left for the hospital at 4:45 AM. My c-section was scheduled for 7am but I had to check in at 5. It was crazy early and I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before. It was so bitter sweet putting Randsom to bed, knowing it was the last time he would be my only baby.
They put me in the very back room in the birthing center because they knew I would be staying several days. The nurse came in and put in my IV (took 3 tries, and I had bruises for several days. Ouch). After a quick check on the baby, we were left to wait until surgery time. I’ll admit was was scared. I dreaded the spinal since I found out that I’d be having another Csection.

Finally 7 am rolled around and they had me walk down to the surgery area. Grant waited outside and put on his fancy “scrubs” while they took me in to get me prepped. I was more scared this time than I was with Randsom. I think I had been so worried about Randsom that I never had time to think about what was happening to me. This time around, I was much more aware of what was happening. I cried when they set me up on the table- but I’m going to blame pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep for that ;). Thankfully it only took one stick this time for me to get numb. And Grant was back by my side soon after that.

One thing I didn’t expect was that it would take longer this time. I guess they cut out all the previous scar tissue before they take baby out. It was hard just laying there for so long not knowing why it was taking longer than it did the first time. Finally I felt the tell tale tugging and pulling. Emersyn came out crying and all I remember after that was my doctor saying “looks like you birthed another toddler”! We had joked my whole pregnancy about how I have big babies. They brought her over and I was able to give her a kiss and take a picture. Then they wisked her off to get checked out and cleaned up. Grant went with Emersyn while I got stitched up. I just remember it took a long time and I was feeling very light headed.



When they were done, the wheeled me back to my room to rest. I was able to snuggle and feed Emersyn, it was such a sweet time. Later that afternoon, my mom and sister brought Randsom to meet his new  little sister. I think he was a little overwhelmed by everything, but he did hold her and give her a kiss.


I ended up having to stay at the hospital 5 days. I always struggle with anemia, even when I’m not pregnant, but I lost a lost of blood during surgery and at two days post partum I was still dizzy and light headed even laying down. I ended up needing two blood transfusions just to get back up to an acceptable range to leave the hospital. It was not fun, I needed a new IV (which was even worse than the first because both my arms were all bruised) and I couldn’t move while it was being done. Thankfully Grant was able to help bring me Emma during feelings when he was there, and the nurses I had were so kind and helpful!

I was so glad when we were finally allowed to go home!

Emersyn is healthy and adorable. I am truly blessed to have her as my daughter and I would go through surgery/birth a million more time just to have her if I had to.




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