Oh Hey Friday

Happ Friday internet family! I’m currently reminiscing about the days when Friday meant I would have the next two days to sleep, go out with friends, and binge watch Netflix! Now I’m a mom and getting up at 6, knowing there won’t be a break any time soon. Thankfully I love being a mommy to my two Littles, and we have been up to some fun things this week!

1. We enjoyed an evening at the park at the beginning of the week. We love having daddy around to go down slides, chase, and just generally be crazy with.

2. We traveled to Palouse Falls and did some hiking. I had a few panic attacks while walking next to the edge of the cliff, but no on fell off and the view was beautiful!

3. First watermelon of the summer. Do I need to say anything else?

4. I’ve been giving baby girl baths in the sink, it’s just easier since she can’t support herself at all yet. But I think she might be outgrowing this option. I can’t believe she is almost two months already!

5. My babies. They are my world, and I pinch myself when we have moments like this. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be their mommy- out of all my adventures, being a mom has been the best one.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Mommy Little

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