4 Reasons My 4 Month Old Won’t Sleep



If you read my 4 month update for Emersyn, you would know that she hasn’t been the greatest sleeper as of late. Every night she wakes anywhere from 3 to 6 times… And that’s only between my bed time hours of 10 and 6.

Some nights I can handle the constant wakings… Other nights I cry as much as she does. Mama needs some sleep, ladies! So I thought I would share the top 4 reasons why I think Emersyn has woken up this week…

Someone slammed a door or was talking too loud. And by someone, I mean my 3 year old who likes to run to baby’s room and “check” on her when I’m not looking. This usually happens while I’m in the bathroom, go figure. Guess I should never pee again. But I’d have to give up all the coffee… And that’s just not an option.

Baby is gassy. This girl does some serious tooting, and it’s always a huge effort. Grunting, wailing, and waking from a dead sleep because the air needs out. I do what I can, like burping several times during feelings, and bicycling her legs… But it always seems to happen at night.

Baby knows I just got all snuggled under my covers. After spending the last 2 hours nursing, rocking, and singing I was finally able to lay her down without waking her up. I am just dozing off and she gets “the feeling”. She knows that I’m comfortable. She knows I’m not thinking about her. She knows I am ready to sleep. So she MUST wake up. Just in case I miss her. She is always looking out for me like that.

She thinks we might be doing something fun without her. I think she has FOMO. Apparently, in her mind, exciting things happen at night that she needs to be awake for them. Nothing is better than a wide eyed baby at 2:30 in the morning. She always makes sure to be extra cute and giggly so that I don’t completely lose my mind.

And those are the reasons my baby isn’t sleeping. I know this is just a phase, and 13 years from now I will be dragging her out of bed because she is sleeping in too late again… And let me tell you, I will enjoy every second of that sweet revenge.

I need a nap,

Mommy Little

14 thoughts on “4 Reasons My 4 Month Old Won’t Sleep

  1. LOL It will pass soon, mama! I have so been there. All 3 of mine were like this! It was rough but, I was amazed by the little bit my body could function on! Before you know it, that stage is over and they will sleep the rest of their lives!

    1. I am amazed at how waking every hour during the night is starting to feel normal. Its amazing what you can do as a mom!

    1. I think the whole no sleep thing is the hardest part about parenting a young child… and that is saying a lot! Sorry you are in the same boat!

    1. Oh no! I hope you get some sleep too! I would probably lose my mind if my toddler stopped sleeping at the same time. Sending sleepytime wishes your way!

    1. Crazy how all of this is quickly forgotten after the baby stage is over, and you want to do it all over again! Kids are so worth it all 🙂

  2. Ha! I have an Emerson who also did not sleep at this age. It was BRUTAL. But, here I am with her being 3, and she SLEEPS. This will pass and I hope quickly!!!! Hugs!

    1. What good taste in names you have 😉

      And yes, I know this will pass! Just hard to remember when you are in the trenches of no sleep! Thank you 🙂

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