Weekend Round Up



Its that time again. The weekend! Here is what we have been up to this week.

We started off the week over at Nana and Papa’s new house. They were kind enough to purchase some fun “gym” toys for Randsom and Emma to use- which has been great! We loved going over and run enjoying the new set up. It is also really helpful for Randsom to get in some practice with balance and coordination.



This week, Randsom has his Batman dreams come true. I purchased him a “blue” batman costume, and I have never seen a child more happy. He has been asking to dress up as a “blue Batman” for months now. I have no idea why he loves the vintage Batman so much- but I love it! He was so happy about his new costume that he hasn’t wanted to take it off! We went to the park to feed ducks the next day, with Batman. All very exciting.




Next, the kids and I picked up Daddy from school, and headed over to our local fair. This was the first time Randsom had ever been to a fair- and it was a blast! We all enjoyed seeing the animals, booths, and even riding a few rides.




fair12132 fairem

Over all, we had a pretty great week! Hope you did as well, and enjoy your weekend!

Mommy Little

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