Changes: Blog About What You Love

Confession time.

I don’t always love blogging.

There I said it. Sometimes it feels like I’m trying to push out content that others will love, instead of writing about what I truly enjoy. I love the community that I have found here in the blogging world, but I feel like my best connections are on Instagram and not my blog. And honestly, I’m feeling burnt out.

So from here on out- I will be making a few changes to my blog. I will be posting everything from my usual “mom” posts and family updates, to fashion and beauty. I have lots of interests and I want my blog to showcase that. I hope you will stay with me as I try to figure this all out.

As always,

Mommy Little


2 thoughts on “Changes: Blog About What You Love

  1. GIRL. You are speaking to me! I sooo feel the same way right now. But I love your blog look and your style of writing (your voice comes through so well!), so you could write about how they grow peas in Australia or something and I’d still be one of your readers! xo

    1. Thank you SO much Courtney! So encouraging to hear that you will be sticking with me while I try to figure out what the heck I’m doing over here! ha Maybe I WILL write about growing peas. 😉

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