Randsom Eats Out

We did something exciting a few days ago. We went out to eat at a restaurant with the kids. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but for our family it was a huge moment. We have not taken Randsom (and now Emersyn) out to eat since we found out about his severe food allergies… that was almost 3 years ago.

After a lot of research and phone calls with managers, I finally found a place that I felt somewhat safe taking him to eat. It is a little Mexican restaurant near our house. We loaded the kids up and headed out for some tacos. Randsom was SO excited that he was finally going to eat out- he could hardly believe that he was allowed to eat the food. It was such an exciting experience for him and for our family. I, of course, was terrified the whole time that he would have a reaction and monitored him closely for several hours after he ate… and he was fine. We are looking forward to more taco nights. And maybe even finding more new places to try.

Happy Eating!

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