Whats In My Bag: Fawn Design

We are summer ready at out house, but the weather is just not cooperating! It hasn’t been above 60 degrees in weeks it feels like. I’ve been using my Fawn Design diaper bag non-stop this summer, and today I pulled out some of my favorite summer time goodies I’ve been carrying around.
What have you been carrying this summer?

Fawn Design Bag | Fancy Free Finery Bows | Little Unicorn Swaddle | Aveeno Sunscreen | Honest Diapers | Pineapple Jack Roger Sandals |

Weekend Roundup

Happy Friday!

Here are a few fun things we did this week.

Farmers Market fun! Everyone was tuckered out from playing and snacking on seriously delicious strawberries (and chips).

We finally had a day hot enough to bring out the pool and water table. I don’t understand how people in Washington get much swimming done- I feel like if its below 75, its too cold!

We also took a lot of walks this week. Taking advantage of the sun- and its just so sweet to see Randsom look after Emersyn!


Happy Weekend to you all!
Mommy Little

Memorial Day 2017

We were blessed to be able to spend Memorial Day with family this year. It has been wonderful having Grant’s family in town so often. We love spending time with them, and I’m happy the kids are able to be with that side of the family so often. We spent the day enjoying cooking out, and running around outside in the beautiful weather! I am a huge lover of Memorial Day (and the 4th of July)- they have always been a close second to Christmas in my mind. Something about the start of summer and spending time with family outdoors.

I know that these holidays are hard earned by our troops, and that many of them did not get to enjoy the day with their family. I am so thankful for all the sacrifices made by those who choose to serve our country.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart on this Memorial Day.

Randsom Eats Out

We did something exciting a few days ago. We went out to eat at a restaurant with the kids. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but for our family it was a huge moment. We have not taken Randsom (and now Emersyn) out to eat since we found out about his severe food allergies… that was almost 3 years ago.

After a lot of research and phone calls with managers, I finally found a place that I felt somewhat safe taking him to eat. It is a little Mexican restaurant near our house. We loaded the kids up and headed out for some tacos. Randsom was SO excited that he was finally going to eat out- he could hardly believe that he was allowed to eat the food. It was such an exciting experience for him and for our family. I, of course, was terrified the whole time that he would have a reaction and monitored him closely for several hours after he ate… and he was fine. We are looking forward to more taco nights. And maybe even finding more new places to try.

Happy Eating!

Emersyn’s 1st Birthday

I can’t believe Emersyn’s birthday has come and gone! I now have a 1 year old little lady.

We had so much fun celebrating Emma yesterday with family. I think she had a lot of fun, I am so thankful that Grant’s parents and sister and my mom and sister were able to come to town and help us celebrate. Emersyn seemed to enjoy all the attention. She also loved all the party decorations, especially the flowers!

I am especially proud of the birthday cake I made for her. After my two children, I’m pretty sure it is the best thing I’ve ever made ;). It was dairy and egg free, and tasted delicious! I will post her 1 year update soon, but for now here are a few pictures from her party!



Back again. Again.

Everyone goes through phases in life.

These past few months have been a hard season for me. It has been a very long winter. I’ve experienced the “winter blues” more than I ever have before, but that is something to talk about in its own post. Today, I’m just here to say that I am back to blogging again! Thank you for everyone who has continued to follow me on my other social media! I’m excited to start this process again and bring in some fresh new things for Spring!

Here is to some happy blogging!

Christmas Photos 2016

We were blessed to have some Christmas pictures taken this year, and I’m so excited about them! We loved the photographer who took our family photos a few months ago- and she was doing a Christmas special that we couldn’t pass up. I have been so bad about sending out Christmas cards, but this year- I’m on it! Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do!

Happy Holidays!


Emersyn Update

Well, I fell of the blogging world again. I go through phases where posting comes easily, and then life happens and I drop the ball. So today I’m doing Emersyn’s 6, 7, and 8 month update!

Emersyn is 8 months old as of 3 days ago. She is army crawling, eating some solids, and saying mama! She is still waking up 3 times a night to nurse, which has not been my favorite thing, but she always goes right back to sleep on her own once she is done- which makes it bearable. Emersyn loves crawling around and exploring- she especially loves when we have play time in brothers room and she can have free reign of all the toys! Over all, she is a very happy and chatty baby! She loves when people talk to her and she will usually try and talk back. Its easier taking her places than staying home all day, which is not how it was with Randsom! I love seeing all the small differences between my kids.

So here are some pictures from month 8, 7, and 6!


Mommy Little