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I have a Preschooler!

My son turned 3 this summer, and this year we have decided to start implementing a more diligent “education schedule”.  So in September we started doing Preschool 4 days a week.

I was homeschooled during late elementary and high-school, and had a wonderful experience. I firmly believe in the importance of being in control of your children’s education (whether that be homeschooling or just being involved in their public or private school education) and I will write another post on why I plan on homeschooling my children. But for now I thought I would share what we have planned for Randsom this year!


I am blessed with a supportive family that is extremely knowledgeable about homeschooling (both my husband and I were homeschooled by our amazing mothers!). My mother in law blessed us with the main curriculum that I plan to use this year. It is a Lesson Book  by Memoria Press that uses popular children’s books to make teaching preschoolers easy and fun. If you purchase the set from Memoria Press, it comes with the work book and all of the children’s books, but you could easily just purchase the work book/teachers manual and borrow each book from your local library.


This curriculum is broken down into weekly lesson plans. Every week you and your student go through one new book. Each day there is a new lesson that goes with the book of the week. The lessons start with a short prayer (which I think is important to teach from a young age!) and talking about the day/date/weather. You go on to Alphabet and Number lessons, which are provided for you in the work book. You also have sections for Oral, Language, Literature, Fine Motor, and Gross Motor skills. The best part is that each daily lesson only takes about 20 minutes! This is perfect for preschoolers who have a hard time doing one thing for very long. There are also lots of suggested activities for each week that you can add on your own to keep your child engaged and remembering back to the lessons.


Ransom has loved participating in his Preschool work so far. I have also enjoyed watching him be more challenged through out the day. It has been wonderful that the program is only 4 days out of the week, which leaves room for outside activities, and makes it easier to keep up with if someone is having an off day. We have also implemented a few other books and activities to this curriculum. I have loved using these Star Wars Workbooks to add a little more to each day. And obviously, Randsom is obsessed with Star Wars and always willing to do these.

Image result for star wars workbooks preschoolImage result for star wars workbooks preschool

I will report back after a few months on our experience and if I still love it as much as I do now.

What do you use to teach your Preschooler at home?

-Mommy Little

Weekend Roundup

weekend round up

Happy weekend everyone!

Yesterday I was looking through all my photos deciding what to post on Instagram (a very tedious and important task, obviously) and realized I take a lot of pictures. Sadly, not all of them are crisp and clear so I don’t feel like I can share them on Instagram. Does that make me crazy? Probably, but it also game me an idea. I’m going to start posting a Weekend Roundup! It will be a post of all the pictures that I’ve taken that week that might not be the best quality, but still make my heart happy. Feel free to join in the fun and share your photos and share your post in the comments so I can check them out as well!

Lets get started!



This cutie is getting so big, and we love the pick bunny that was gifted to her from a close family friend! Look at that smile. Look at those dimples!


I have a picture of Randsom playing on this mat when he was a baby. It makes my heart hurt thinking of how big he is, but I also love seeing the comparison.


Camo shorts and a camo cup. Notice how he is now taller than the door handles… I can’t.




I love her little squishy face during our early morning snuggle sessions.



This was his last ride in the Jeep. We sold Grants Wrangler for a more family friendly car. Both Grant and Randsom were sad about it, this picture was taken before he knew it wouldn’t be coming back home with us.



This is what my mornings look like now. Usually up too early for my liking, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way!


I hope you all have an amazing weekend, and I look forward to seeing your photos!

Mommy Little



Oh Hey Friday

Happ Friday internet family! I’m currently reminiscing about the days when Friday meant I would have the next two days to sleep, go out with friends, and binge watch Netflix! Now I’m a mom and getting up at 6, knowing there won’t be a break any time soon. Thankfully I love being a mommy to my two Littles, and we have been up to some fun things this week!

1. We enjoyed an evening at the park at the beginning of the week. We love having daddy around to go down slides, chase, and just generally be crazy with.

2. We traveled to Palouse Falls and did some hiking. I had a few panic attacks while walking next to the edge of the cliff, but no on fell off and the view was beautiful!

3. First watermelon of the summer. Do I need to say anything else?

4. I’ve been giving baby girl baths in the sink, it’s just easier since she can’t support herself at all yet. But I think she might be outgrowing this option. I can’t believe she is almost two months already!

5. My babies. They are my world, and I pinch myself when we have moments like this. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be their mommy- out of all my adventures, being a mom has been the best one.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Mommy Little