Emersyn Claire: 3 Months


Well it looks like I have a 3 year old AND a 3 month old. I still can’t wrap my head around that some days.

Emma is such a smiley baby girl. She loves when people (mostly her brother) look at her and talk. She is cooing all the time, which is absolutely adorable. Several days ago, she gave us her first real laugh! I was giving her kisses on her cheek and she thought it was hilarious.

She is sleeping alright, waking up 2 times at night to eat. She still takes one really amazing 3 hour nap in the afternoon, along with a lot of short naps through out the day. Nursing is going well, she is eating like a champ! And mommy’s milk supply has finally leveled out, making things easier on both of us.

She is doing better with tummy time, and I swear she is close to rolling both from tummy to back and vise versa. I know its early, but she is a mover and a shaker! Which brings me to another thing, she hates holding still when she is awake! She loves kicking her legs and waving her arms all about. Heaven forbid she be left in her bouncer for more than 5 minutes- she can’t stand sitting in that thing anymore.

She is also drooling everywhere! I can’t help but think she is teething, with all the drooling and fist biting she is doing these days. I will keep my eyes open for some teeth.

We love Emersyn SO much. She is such a huge blessing to our family.










Mommy Little

10 on Tuesday

I’m joining in the fun this week!
I started having contractions last night, and it got to a point where I really thought baby girl was going to make an appearance. Thankfully they stopped during the night and I’m doing better this morning! That brings me to my 10 for this Tuesday.
10 reasons I am SO not ready to have baby number 2! 
1. My house is a mess. A legit, tornado just rolled through, mess. I have good intentions of cleaning and getting things put away…. But I usually end up napping.
2. I haven’t washed any of baby girls clothes. Almost all of them still have the tags on.
3. My hospital bag isn’t packed. I have a pile of random items in my bedroom that I want to take… But that’s as far as my prep work has gone. I keep thinking that since I’m having a Csection, I don’t need to be prepared. This could be problematic.
4. I haven’t done all the “fun things” with my toddler that I want to do before he is no longer an only child. Which brings me to..
5. I’m terrified Randsom won’t like having a sibling. And that I won’t love this baby as much. I know all moms say that, and hopefully it really is easy to adjust. Am I crazy?
6. I don’t know anything about raising girls. I was a holy terror as a child/teen. I openly admit it and have apologized to my mother almost every day since I got married. If my daughter is anything like me- I’m In trouble.
7. I’m not ready to share my boobs. I breast fed my son for a little over 16 months. I have no regrets about it and am so thankful I was able to go that long! Buuuuttt- I love not having to worry about nursing friendly clothes, leaking, and having my general personal space bubble completely burst. We will see how long I last this time.
8. I’m dreading the first look at my saggy beach ball tummy. Postpartum bodies are no joke. I think most moms can relate.
9. I like having an excuse to eat anything I want.
Pizza? The baby wants it. Tacos? It’s for the baby! A whole bag of chips? I’m eating for two!
10. How do you take care of two little people who rely on you to keep them alive?! I’m barely a functioning adult as it is. Please send help!
Hopefully this baby stays put for two more weeks while I get this list sorted out!
Mommy Little