It happened…

Well, it finally happened.

I knew that this moment would come, and to be honest I’m surprised it took this long. (I’ll give myself a few bonus points for that I guess.)
That’s right, yesterday I had my first real cry about moving away. I mean the full blown, mascara running, red faced, gasping for air, ugly cry. I’m not sure exactly what brought it on, maybe it just seems more real now that it’s less than a month away. We have been so busy enjoying life with friends and family, that I hadn’t spent much time thinking about life without everyone. The reality of it all really hit me like a brick. 
This will be the first time in my life that I will be living more than an hour away from my family. I am also beginning to understand just how busy my hubby is going to be once school starts, with his 8 to 5 class schedule plus additional studying and club participation, I’m not going to be seeing him much. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be lonely. And I’m probably going to have a few more cry sessions.

As a disclaimer I will say that I am extremely proud of my hubby for all he has accomplished. He has worked hard and will continue to do so and pursue his dream of becoming a veterinarian. I’m so lucky to be able to support him during these next 4 years- he is the only person I would willingly follow across the country (and world if I had too). I am also glad to have Randsom, I know he will keep me busy and make me smile. 
Much love,
Mommy Little

Life Update: Puppy, Allergies, and We have a Home!

Hi Family and Friends,

While I doubt many of you are following our little family on this blog yet, I know eventually you (or maybe just me) will be looking back at this post and enjoying the story of how we got where we are.

First I want to address our puppy, or better stated, lack of a puppy. We brought Maverick home with us the day before Easter. Everyone loved him, and rightly so because he is adorable. Sadly it didn’t take long for us to realize that Randsom was allergic to him. This fun friend we brought home for our son was making him cough and wheeze. He had snot pouring out like a faucet and he broke out in hives when the puppy licked him. We waited 1 week, took Randsom to the allergist to confirm our fear, and that was that. 
Thankfully, my wonderful family graciously decided to adopt Maverick and give him a loving home. We are sad that Mav couldn’t stay with us and that Randsom won’t get to be around him much, but I know my family will love him and hopefully we will find a remedy for Randsom so someday he can play with all the puppies he wants.

Speaking of remedies for Randsom’s allergies, we are exploring our options. We have made appointments with several natural care doctors and we are hopeful. While I fully believe in the good that modern medicine does, I don’t want to discount anything that may provide relief just because it isn’t main stream. We will forever continue to see a certified allergist who works closely with a hospital, I know the risks my son will face everyday with his growing list of allergies and I never want to be without professionals in this field. But, Randsom would have to live in a bubble if his only form of allergy treatment is avoiding his allergens. I want to give Randsom the best chance at being safe and healthy. I know that I can’t keep him out of contact with every single allergen he has. Because of this I have decided to explore several safe, noninvasive, natural procedures. I will update more on what they are and if they work after we have finished. 

And for the final update…. WE HAVE A HOUSE! Purchased this month in Pullman, Washington. It’s a 3 bedroom beauty and I can’t wait to post pictures of all the decorating and updating I plan to do. It is a relief to know we have a place to live when we move in July. I can’t believe it’s only 3 months until we start our next chapter.

This was a long and rambling post and I’m impressed that you made it to the end.

Momma Little

Life Update

     Grant started applying for graduate collages last year. He spent several months traveling for interviews and he was accepted to several great schools! He spent a lot of time trying to decide where he wanted to attend. In the end, Grant decided he wanted to attend Washington State University for veterinary medicine. I am so thrilled that he will be fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. Grant is so smart and kind, I know that he will be dedicated to his field and the people that he works with.
     When we first got married, Grant was still attending UNO and working on his under graduate degree. I knew that his goal was to be accepted to a vet school, and that there were not any located in Nebraska. I never doubted his ability to get into a school, but everything seemed so far into the future and I didn’t spend any time thinking about moving away from home.
     Now we will be moving across the country (a 23 hour dive to be exact) in less than 4 months, and the reality is finally starting to sink in. I have lived in Nebraska for the majority of my life, all of my family and friends are here. I am not well traveled and consider myself a homebody; I know that this will be hard for me. We are starting to look for houses, and movers, and thinking about packing up all our belongings, and it’s very overwhelming. I have a tendency to ignore my feelings and just keep going, but I‘m going to make a confession now: I’m anxious and scared and dragging my feet a little.
     It will be difficult for me to say good bye. Stepping out of my comfort zone is not my favorite thing to do. I know that I will be tested in more ways than I can imagine, but that I will also grow in faith. This is our next adventure in life and I won’t be taking it alone. Thankfully, I am madly in love with Grant and know I will follow him anywhere he decides to take me. I know that home is wherever he and Randsom are. We will also be adding another member to our family before we make our trip, a furry member to be exact. He is an Australian Sheppard puppy we have named Maverick.  
     It is going to be a crazy adventure, especially the trip to Washington! We will be driving for several days with a puppy, a baby, and a crazy lady who has to pee every 15 minutes (me).

I guess it’s time to start preparing for the madness!