Travel Diary: Trip Gone Wrong

My family and I left early Thursday morning to fly out to Washington. I was very excited to finally get to see our new house in person (I had only seen pictures online), and also to get a feel for the city we will be living in for the next 4 years while my hubby attends Vet School. 
I absolutely hate flying (I have a death grip on someone’s had during take off, landing, and any turbulence). Thankfully it was a quick and turbulence free flight, and my little guy was all smiles! 
Once we arrived, we had a wonderful lunch and then spent the rest of afternoon resting at the hotel. We even went out for dinner and a walk around campus that evening. 
That was about when the magic ended. The next morning (Friday) Randsom woke up in a terrible mood. He was acting out and throwing a lot of tantrums. I just brushed it off to being tired from traveling, and we tried to go about the morning. I should have known something wasn’t right because he is normally a pretty happy go lucky kid. We attempted going out to breakfast, but he kept acting out and eventually we just headed back to the hotel. We had plans to meet the realtor at 3 to see our house, and didn’t want to push our luck.
The whole time we were at the hotel, Randsom was clingy and cranky. And wouldn’t you know, as soon as we buckled him in his car seat to go meet with the realtor… he threw up. Everywhere. 
I quickly threw away his clothes, gave him a bath, and he fell asleep. Thankfully my amazing mother in law was with us and was able to hold him while he napped. We left to quickly meet the realtor, but hurried back as soon as we could. I spent the rest of the night cuddling my baby and holding a throw up bucket.
Thankfully we were able to leave early the next morning. Let me tell you, flying with a sick kid is no good. And we had horrible turbulence on the way back. I was crying, holding a sick baby, and praying it would all end soon.
So glad to be back on solid ground today, and Randsom seems to be on the mend.
I’m ready for a nap, and maybe wine. 
– Mommy Little

Life Update

     Grant started applying for graduate collages last year. He spent several months traveling for interviews and he was accepted to several great schools! He spent a lot of time trying to decide where he wanted to attend. In the end, Grant decided he wanted to attend Washington State University for veterinary medicine. I am so thrilled that he will be fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. Grant is so smart and kind, I know that he will be dedicated to his field and the people that he works with.
     When we first got married, Grant was still attending UNO and working on his under graduate degree. I knew that his goal was to be accepted to a vet school, and that there were not any located in Nebraska. I never doubted his ability to get into a school, but everything seemed so far into the future and I didn’t spend any time thinking about moving away from home.
     Now we will be moving across the country (a 23 hour dive to be exact) in less than 4 months, and the reality is finally starting to sink in. I have lived in Nebraska for the majority of my life, all of my family and friends are here. I am not well traveled and consider myself a homebody; I know that this will be hard for me. We are starting to look for houses, and movers, and thinking about packing up all our belongings, and it’s very overwhelming. I have a tendency to ignore my feelings and just keep going, but I‘m going to make a confession now: I’m anxious and scared and dragging my feet a little.
     It will be difficult for me to say good bye. Stepping out of my comfort zone is not my favorite thing to do. I know that I will be tested in more ways than I can imagine, but that I will also grow in faith. This is our next adventure in life and I won’t be taking it alone. Thankfully, I am madly in love with Grant and know I will follow him anywhere he decides to take me. I know that home is wherever he and Randsom are. We will also be adding another member to our family before we make our trip, a furry member to be exact. He is an Australian Sheppard puppy we have named Maverick.  
     It is going to be a crazy adventure, especially the trip to Washington! We will be driving for several days with a puppy, a baby, and a crazy lady who has to pee every 15 minutes (me).

I guess it’s time to start preparing for the madness!