Little Ones

Meet Randsom Wayne

Randsom is my spunky and gentled-hearted 3-year-old. He is our miracle baby, and we are so blessed that he is here with us! Randsom has a VP shunt that was placed one day after he was born, but we have plans to have it removed this year! You may notice that his head is a little misshapen, but it is nothing to be concerned about. Due to medical issues he had as a baby, his head formed a little differently, and because of his shunt we could not use a helmet. Thankfully he has plenty of gorgeous hair, and we appreciate you not making a big deal about it.

Randsom has several severe allergies. We found out around 6 months old that he is allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, treenuts, and animal dander. His allergies are currently well-managed, and we are hoping that he will outgrow several of them!

Randsom loves to read, play with other kids, and sing. He has a lot to say, and always tries to make people smile. We love him so much!


Meet Emersyn Claire

Emersyn is the newest addition to our little family.

She is a happy and healthy little girl. She keeps mommy up most nights, but rewards everyone with smiles and giggles during the day. Emersyn usually goes by Emma in our house, I usually call her by both Emersyn and Emma here on the blog! She loves face to face time and people watching. Tummy time is not her favorite, but what baby really loves tummy time?!

She has two dimples, and I’m pretty sure she could be a super model. But I’m a bit bias. She brings us so much joy!